Friday, August 3, 2012

Try, Try Again

Well I'm back!!!

Everyone knows diets fail and I can officially say I have and am on that roller-coaster. But good news for all of you out there cuz I'm not giving up. I have exactly 3 months and 14 days until my wedding and I am going to lose weight no matter what!! I have to and I will.

Simple as that.

So starting Tuesday Next week, I will be posting my lunch meal every day. I have to do this to ensure myself that I'm eating enough. I am do have to control portion size because it seems the only time I eat in the day I eat a lot. Then I snack all day. So no more to that. I will have Water when I wake up before my cereal/or smoothie then have a healthy snack, then a great healthy lunch, then another healthy snack followed by my supper smoothie with a little crunch to curve my night time wants.

I am also going to be drinking at least 8 waters a day. I have to. So I'm going to do it.

Then for exercise, I have purchased a 10 dollar fitness DVD by Bob from The Biggest Loser he has a 10 minute ab program along with a 45 minute workout. AND just Guess how long I'm going to be working out.

45 minutes?

60 minutes?

NOPE!!! 3 hours!!!


Because on the biggest loser, they work out more than 3 hours everyday and lose a significant amount of weight and with being healthy (obese but healthy) I can workout for that long. Just because I get tired doesn't mean I can't keep going. It's just my brain telling me I'm tired right? Right!

Ok it's time to get started. I will be writing down what I'm eating every day til the 7th and will post this on my first post the night of the 7th with my lunch meal and so forth. Time to get this thing going.


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