Monday, December 5, 2011

Laying it all out.....

From the two posts I've posted here at my blog, I think it's time I give you all a little more info on me. I'm practically crying knowing I'm going to be doing this, but here it goes.

Thank you to Brandi who made me realize, I needed to do this post.

So you all know I have been overweight most of my life. My senior year I was lucky enough to get down to 176, then I went to college and gained 30 lbs. Then I got pregnant gained 20 more. I was 222 by the time I had my daughter in 2009. Then I went right back to 206 as my pre-weight before pregnancy. So once I got pregnant again, I figured the weight would just fall off of me like it did the first time. Well I was wrong. Instead of losing the weight after my son was born late 2010 I gained 20 more lbs.

I don't know why I have never tried a diet before, but I'm pretty sure it was because my lack of motivation. Wrong I do know why, they always say diets don't work. Of course I worked out for like a week, then just stopped. I definitely never thought I would have to do it. However, now with two kids, I realize I do have to do it. Not just for me, but for them. So for the first time ever I'm going to post my pictures my sis took of me the day she decided we try to do a competition since nothing else was motivating us enough.

So here I am at 238!!

Gosh quickly scroll so you don't hurt your eyes. LOL. Sry of the quality they are a picture of her camera screen.

Well for a long time my family and friends have said to me, "You don't look fat," or "There's no way you weigh that much." Well looking at these pics they were just trying to be very nice. Lol

Humor is always a way for me to blow off being fat, I have learned I've done that almost every day I hang out my sisters. I have to stop doing that! So a little goal for me is to quit the fat jokes!!!

I wear size 22 pants and usually fit best in 2x tops but I don't like tight clothes as it really shows every curve of my body.

I use to wear shorts before I had my son, but now I don't. I also just wore shorts in this pic cuz my sister made me. I had black yoga pants on when I got to her house.

From reading things Brandi did when she first started her get healthy roll, she stayed away from fast food for 3 months and quit drinking pop altogether. So I'm going to use the same goal. It's a great first goal for me. I'm not gonna have a goal to lose 5 lbs etc, just yet, because I know that if I was to say I want to lose 5 lbs by the next two weeks and not reach it I would be very depressed. So none of those type of goals yet, until I see if things I am doing are working.

Ok, I need to put these pictures on my refrigerator! That sounds like a good idea. Healthy food list is still in process and I found a few links to the Insanity workout, however, I have decided, Insanity is for those that are skinny that want muscles not people who are fat like me who want to get skinny. I almost hurt myself. No good!

Well I hope you are still wanting to stick around to see where this goes, cuz I need all the motivation I can get! Let's get ready!



  1. As another Mama of two with a work schedule and a life schedule, i can attest to just how difficult it is to fit it all in and put it all out there. You're on the right path. You've put your goal out there and shared it with the world. With that and a little faith in yourself, you will reach your goal if you keep pushing one day at a time. Take your time and be thoughtful about what your plan will be and you will make it happen.
    Excited to see how your journey progresses. Keep up the good work!

  2. THank you! I hope I am more motivated now then I was in January. I feel pretty ashamed of myself for giving up, but I know I can't give up anymore.