Saturday, January 21, 2012

A month down!

Well everyone after one month of success I lost.....
6 Pounds!!

So I'm proud to say that I did beat my sister the first month of our competition. However, I don't know how with everything she did, we both thought we were going to both have gained weight. 

It was the holiday season and we figured we would have ate too much, my mom even said to me she didn't think I ate enough, but I was STUFFED!

I didn't take any measurements even before I started and I still haven't (I don't own a tape measure) So I'm going to ask to borrow one from my mom soon. 

On January 15th my sis asked if we wanted to weigh ourselves and I sadly not going to agree, but we both figured it would help motivate us for the rest of the month. Well I had only lost .4 oz. 


So now I have gotten into the whole joining every site to try to get some motivation as my sister and I are really just competing, there isn't much motivating involved with each other. 

So if any of you are on or Spark People look up IHateDietsMO2.

On another note, I wrote down everything I did in Dec to figure out why I haven't lost any weight in Jan. 
For one I didn't work out but three times in Dec.
I did, however, only eat out about 3 times the entire month. 
Did have ONE slice of Pizza Hut pizza.
Ate THREE McDouble Cheesburgers from McDonalds.

Now I work out every night at 8 with my sister at her house to some work out videos. 
She has so many of the Jillian Michaels things and right now we are on level 2 of 30 Day Shred.
And I've only lost .4 oz. How is this???

Ehhh just gonna try to stick to it, I have 9 days left, wish me luck!!

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